Professional Movers Or Craigslist Help?


We get calls daily from clients that are searching for the best price for moving services. Customers that diligently shop for and negotiate competitive rates for moving services often come away with a great quote. Something to always consider though when shopping for those services is to make certain that you’re comparing apples to apples.

Moving is not one size fits all. Factors such as time of day, elevator or stair layout, number of men required, degree of difficulty, type of home, apartment or storage structure, assemble or disassemble needs, total distance traveled, type of furniture items to be moved, and more all affect pricing. The unrealistically low pricing that can be found on Craigslist comes with a cautionary price tag.

Rockline has come to the rescue of many Atlanta area residents that gambled and lost on Craigslist. Some unfortunate experiences include: damage or injury due to a lack of skill, workers that are not background checked, hidden fees, the necessity to reschedule a move or movers that did not show up at all, inadequate insurance coverage, the need to supervise the entire move, no organization, asking the client to help out with difficult or heavy pieces, the need to rent a truck for the mover, and much more.

Don’t take shortcuts with your move, save time and money with the knowledgeable team at Rockline Moving today.

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