Last Minute Moving For Craiglist


We just finished a moving job for a client in Midtown Atlanta. She called while we were doing another job, but able to talk to her for a few minutes to find out just what she needed done. She was trying to find a dresser on Craigslist, but had no way of getting it home if she was successful.

An hour goes by and she called back, “I found the perfect set,” she said. We were about 50-60% done with the other job we were on at this point, and gave her an estimated time we could meet. Within the next hour, we met at the Craigslist seller’s apartment and began loading up her new bedroom dressers on our truck.

She was so excited that she was jumping and smiling the whole time we were loading. Because she was new to Atlanta, the customer actually followed us back to her new place. Once there, we parked, unloaded, and walked her dresser into her home. She told us we were awesome, and that she will be using us for all her future moves. That was a satisfied customer–the best there is.

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