Flat Rate Movers


Chances are good that your friend John’s home or apartment is laid out differently than your home. So the rate that he received, and the rate that you receive, may or may not be the same. To help ensure clients receive an accurate moving quote, professional movers must consider the following:

Are disassemble/assemble/and or staging services required?

What are the layouts for location #1 and #2: house, apartment, storage, or pod?

If an elevator building, what is the approximate distance from the elevator to the client’s unit and from the parking dock to the elevator? Are there any time restrictions?

If no elevator, how many flights of stairs are there?

Do you require boxes – wardrobe, variable sizes, picture, or television?

Are any appliances being brought along on the move?

Is temporary or long-term storage needed or will your entire move be completed the same day?

Is special equipment needed to move a safe, a 1-piece armoire, or a piano?

What time of day are you available/not available?

Are there any additional stops or transfers that are required, and if so are there any logistical or time restrictions?

We make certain to ask these and other questions, so that we are as prepared as possible. Obtaining an accurate and reviewing your entire move helps to limit issues. So get a few quotes, check references and online reputations, and make sure the company you’re considering for your move is 100% prepared.